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    Year 2006 is a year of very special anniversary: two-hundredth anniversary of resurrection of Polish Army, which in period from fall of Kościuszko’s Insurrection exists just as Polish units in foreign service (French) under the general name of “Legions”. After defeat of Prussian Kingdom armies in battles of Iena and Auerstadt in year1806 Napoleon reached Berlin and Grand Armee approached city of Poznań (Posen). At this very historical event polish patriots started to organize units of volunteers which begun fight with Prussians.
    Poland, in restricted territorial shape, survived till year 1813 under the name of Grand Duchy of Warsaw, after fall of Emperor under name of Kingdom of Poland with a tsar as king imposed bz the Congress of Vienna.
    That’s why year 2006 will be a year of many important historical anniversaries and events for history of Poland. We’ll be updating it constantly following arrival of any fresh news.You’ll find a general overview of the events tigether with the contact information, where available.


    2nd of April
    International Napoleonic Fair
    St. Albans, Herts.
    Great Britain
    Info: International Napoleonic Fair

    29th-30th of April
    Bivouac and battle at Bourtange

    30th of April, 1st of May
    Fort Nelson- Napoleonic Show
    Royal Artillery Museum in Portsdown Hill
    Fareham Rd, Hampshire, Great Britain
    Info: Royal Armouries Museum


    3rd of May
    Warsaw- anniversary of Constitution of 3rd of May,
    Parade and gun’s salute

    6th-7th of May
    Prince Joseph Poniatowski’s Headquarter in Jabłonna,
    Napoleonic period
    Full info at

    5th-7th of May
    Battle of Grossgorchen

    16th of May
    Battle of Albuera
    Class A event of ANE

    28th-29th of May
    Bivouac and battle of Seclin- France


    2nd-4th of June
    Battle of Raszyn
    Info: Marek Kulesza

    2nd-4th of June
    Battle of Wagram

    9th-11th of June
    Battle of Heilsberg
    Lidzbark Warmiński
    Applications: Piotr Czerepak

    17th-18th of June
    Bivouac and battle of Waterloo

    23rd-25th of June
    Silberberg 1807-siege of Srebrna Góra
    Forteczny Park Kultury w Stoszowicach
    Applications: Piotr Czerepak

    23rd-25th of June
    Tomar- 200th anniversary of artillery regiment

    24th-25th of June
    Racławice-battle’s anniversary-Kraków
    Partner: MoD of Poland
    Info: Marek Kulesza
    NOTICE: there is confirmation to the event


    7th-9th of July
    Bivouac and battle of Boulogne sur Mer- France

    7th-9th of July
    Battle of Pultusk 1806
    Info: Magda Pietrzak

    7th-10th of July
    Gunnebo- bivouac- Norway

    14th-15th of July
    Bivouac and battle of Lihons ( near Amiens)- France

    14th-15th of July
    Medina del Rioseco- Spain
    Class A event of ANE

    29th-30th of July
    Zlote Hory- Nysa
    Siege of Nysa 1806
    Applications: Marek Szczerski
    NOTICE: event supported by


    2nd-6th of August
    Napoleon in Holabrun- Austria
    info: Napoleonische Gesellschaft or ANS-Austria

    11th-13th of August
    Ciechanów – battle
    Info: Andrzej Ziółkowski

    26th-27th of August
    Kłodzko (Glatz) 1807
    Applications: Piotr Czerepak

    26th-28th of August
    Military Odyssey
    Detling, Great Britain


    2nd-3rd of September
    Battle of Borodino- Russia

    8th-10th of September
    Modlin- Siege of Modlin 1813
    Applications: Piotr Czerepak

    9th-10th of September
    Bivouac and battle of Raches- France

    15th-17th of September
    Bivouac and battle of Hellevoetsluis- Netherlands

    23rd-24th of September
    Bivouac and battle of Coudekerque- France


    First decade of October
    Maciejowice 1794
    Chain of anniversary events with elements of historical recreation,
    Organized parallel with Kosciuszko’s Raid
    Historical period: Kościuszko Uprising
    Applications: Marcin Piontek

    13th-15th of October
    Iena 1806- Germany
    Info: Robert Heyne AG Iena 1806

    20th-22nd of October
    Leipzig 1813- Germany


    25th of November
    Outbreak of November’s Uprising of 1830

    Collected by MP, trasnlasted by Bartek 🙂

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